Prolific Offender Arrested Within 24 Hrs After Being Convicted

On March 25th at 6:15 pm, AbbyPD Patrol Officers located a stolen Toyota 4-Runner mobile in the 2800 block of Victoria Street. Plainclothes officers covertly followed the stolen vehicle until it stopped in the 31900 block of South Fraser Way.

The male driver of the stolen vehicle attempted to flee on foot but was arrested after a brief foot pursuit. The female passenger was arrested at the scene but later released.

 The driver, identified as 47-year-old Albert FONTAINE, was noted to be impaired by alcohol as well as breaching numerous conditions of his Conditional Sentence Order.

Charges of Possession of Stolen Property, Impaired Operation of a Motor Vehicle, Refusal, Breach of Release Order, and Driving While Prohibited have now been approved.

At the time of Mr.FONTAINE’s arrest, he had just been convicted of Possession of Stolen Property, which involved another stolen vehicle. Still, he was released back into our community not 24 hours earlier on a Conditional Sentence Order.

AbbyPD continues to ensure that those committing crime and victimizing citizens of our community are brought before the courts to be accountable for their actions.

AbbyPD File 2023-13201
Sergeant Paul Walker
Abbotsford Police Media Relations Officer
[email protected]