Reasons to Join the Abbypd

There are many great reasons to join the Abbotsford Police Department:

  • While policing in a large municipality, you'll have the ability to explore the city and become familiar with diverse areas during your shifts.
  • Because of its size and proximity to the Lower Mainland, Abbotsford faces many of the same issues that big cities do. You'll have the opportunity to take part in complex investigations and work a large variety of files from their start to their finish.
  • In addition to the excitement and action of policing, you'll create close connections with the community and have the chance to be part of special events.
  • We offer diverse policing experiences for officers who want to expand their skills (see the Career Diversity page for more information).
  • We are an innovative police force, and are not afraid to try new initiatives.
  • As a member of the AbbyPD, you are part of our team and we treat you as such. We offer progressive programs that promote member physical and mental wellness, which we believe are key to your success and happiness as a police offer. We also promote a healthy work/life balance in our members.
  • If you already live in the Fraser Valley but commute to work, a career with the AbbyPD provides you the opportunity to eliminate or drastically reduce your commute, freeing up your personal time.
  • A career within a municipal police force offers stability for both you and your family. With no required transfers, you can establish roots in Abbotsford and your loved ones can feel a sense of security knowing an unexpected move isn’t on the horizon. The Fraser Valley can be your home, for as long as you like.

If these benefits appeal to you, read more about our selection process and review our mandatory requirements. We're always interested in hearing from people who share our approach to and enthusiasm for policing in the Fraser Valley.