Police Information Check Outside of Canada

If you are an Abbotsford resident currently living or working in another country and needing a Criminal Record search immediately, you are asked to seek the assistance of the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate in your vicinity. If you cannot access the Canadian Embassy or Consulate, you may seek assistance from Canadian Foreign Affairs by calling 1-800-267-8376 or accessing their web site at international.gc.ca.

In instances where you are not able to get assistance from the Canadian Embassy, Canadian Consulate or Foreign Affairs, Abbotsford Police may be able to assist you. Our process is as follows:

Complete all areas of the Police Information form number APD-301 (the first 3 pages where applicable). The completed form, with original signatures, must be mailed to:

Abbotsford Police Department
2838 Justice Way
Abbotsford, B.C.
V2T 3P5

Additional Supporting Documentation

Please include the following supporting documentation with your returned forms:

  1. Certified or notarized copies of two pieces of government issued ID for each applicant. One piece of ID must be photo ID. We need copies of the front and back of the ID presented (not including the passport). The photocopy must have a clear image of the subject's photograph.

    Acceptable photo ID includes:
    • A Passport
    • A Driver's Licence
    • A Provincial ID Card

    Other acceptable ID includes:

    • A Birth Certificate
    • A Medical Care card
    • A Social Insurance Number
  2. Take your original ID to your local police agency and ask if they will photocopy it and place their agency stamp and address on same to certify/verify that it is your ID. If the police cannot assist, a Public Notary or a lawyer may be able to assist. There may be a fee for their service. The name, address and phone number of who made and certified the photocopy must be included so we can contact them for confirmation, if necessary.
  3. In the event that we would require fingerprints to verify a Criminal record and your identity, please ask the local police agency to complete two sets of fingerprints for each of your hands and include them in your package.
  4. Enclose a certified cheque or money order for the correct fee, in Canadian dollars. $65 for employment related checks and $27 for volunteer.
  5. By law we can only release the results of the Police Information Check directly to you, the applicant. We do not release the results to third parties. We will have to mail the original page with the results to you. It is up to you to determine when and who you share this information with.