Abbotsford is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Our 239+ sworn police officers, 80+ civilian staff, and 80+ volunteers are dedicated to providing the highest quality of police service to the citizens of Abbotsford.

In partnership with our community, we are committed to ensuring safety and security by enforcing the law, preventing crime, and responding to community needs.

We place great value on respect, diversity, accountability, ethics, integrity, innovation and leadership. We continuously strive for improvement and we are committed to our mission to make Abbotsford the safest city in BC.

History Of
Policing In BC

1858 Victoria Police Department
1873 New Westminster Police Department
1886 Vancouver Police Department
1888 Delta Police Department
1906 Saanich Police Department
1955 Matsqui Police Department
1995 Matsqui Police amalgamates to create the Abbotsford Police Department


History of the
Matsqui Police


Settlement of Mt. Lehman

76 men and their families

Directory lists Mr. Ed W. King as the Constable


Matsqui was incorporated as a municipality

Bordered Washington State to the south; Fraser River to the north; Langley to the west and Sumas to the east

New Municipal Council took over the responsibility of law and order; Mr. King became an assessor

For more serious policing matters Council would contact the New Westminster Police Service for assistance


The Municipality of Matsqui decided that it was time to have its own police force and set out to hire 1 constable

This position was awarded to Thomas Henry Lehman

He was a full-time farmer and a part-time Constable

He was also expected to be on-call 24 hours a day for which he received $2.50 per day


Matsqui Police doubled in size to 2 constables


BC Provincial Police (which were already policing Abbotsford next door) offered to police Matsqui


1925 Annual Police Budget
Was $827
The Matsqui Council decided to contract out its policing needs to the less costly BC Povincial Police for $500 annually


The Provincial Police was disbanded and the RCMP were contracted to take over policing the province


RCMP also took over the policing of Matsqui


Matsqui Council became dissatisfied with the service they were getting from the RCMP. 
The municipality was paying for 4 police officers, but those officers were too often dealing with other duties in Abbotsford and Sumas.

JAN. 1, 1955

The new Matsqui Municipal Police Department was formed consisting of one Chief Constable and three constables

Excerpts from History of Matsqui Police
Police, Politicians
and Pioneers

At 0001 hours on the 1st day of January 1955, Matsqui's new police members, Chief Bill Lumsden and Constable Fred Clark shook hands, and then in their borrowed uniforms and wearing Sam Brownes, stepped warily out of the station and into the department's '55 Dodge to commence their first shift on patrol. It was recorded as a quiet night; Matsqui's law-abiding population of 11,160 being mostly asleep.

At midnight on New Year's Eve 1994 - four decades later - the force faded away into the archives of British Columbia police history to re-emerge immediately as the City of Abbotsford Police Department.  In that time period, 188 members from all across Canada and the United Kingdom had faithfully served the people of Matsqui and the surrounding district.

















Written by retired Inspector Pat McBride, this book is 750 pages in length and includes more than 500 photographs.  The book covers the history of the Matsqui Police since 1905 and is full of interesting stories.  Anyone interested in the history of the former District of Matsqui will enjoy this informative, historical look at policing in the community. 

To order a copy of this book, please email: [email protected]

History of THE
Abbotsford Police

Matsqui took over policing of Abbotsford from the RCMP

Changed our name to the Abbotsford Police Department

Strength of 127 officers

Unus Cum Viribus Duorum = “One with the Strength of Two”


  • Canada: National Policing = RCMP

  • Provincial: contracted to the RCMP

  • Ontario & Quebec = Provincial Police

  • British Columbia

  • Municipal Police = Abbotsford, Central Saanich, Delta, Transit, Nelson, New Westminster, Oak Bay, Saanich, Vancouver, Victoria, West Vancouver

  • All others contract to the RCMP = Burnaby, Coquitlam, North Vancouver, Richmond, Surrey, etc

What we do

Police Officer
Common Law Duties:

  • Preserve the peace

  • Protect life & property

  • Prevent crime

  • Apprehend offenders

  • Enforce the Laws

Enforcement of
Municipal Bylaws:

  • Good Neighbour Bylaw No. 1256-2003, regulating nuisances such as noise, littering, graffiti, panhandling and poor property maintenance

  • Abbotsford Fireworks Bylaw, prohibiting the sale, possession and discharge of fireworks within the City’s borders

Enforcement of

  • Criminal Code of Canada:
    Offences against the person (assault, kidnapping)
    Offences against property (break and enter, theft, possession of stolen property)
    Offences against the public order (riots)
    Offences relating to currency (counterfeiting)

  • Youth Criminal Justice Act

  • Controlled Drugs &  Substances Act

  • Cannabis Control &  Licensing Act

Enforcement of
provincial statutes:

  • Mental Health Act of BC

  • Motor Vehicle Actof BC (speeding, seatbelts)

  • Liquor Control Act of BC (selling liquor to minors, public intoxication)