Recruit Training

Policing is a demanding job that requires an ability to manage stressful situations, respond to a crisis quickly, and make fast decisions. As an Abbotsford Police Department recruit, you'll undergo intensive recruit training to ensure you are properly prepared for each of the challenges and unique situations you'll face as a patrol officer. You'll learn to deal with a variety of situations, including attending crime scenes, arresting criminals, giving evidence in court, and assisting victims.

The three-block recruit training program is run at the Justice Institute of British Columbia (JIBC) Police Academy in New Westminster. Recruit Constables receive a base salary and benefits while undergoing recruit training at the JIBC, but are responsible for program tuition.

The three-block training program is broken down as follows:

Block 1 (13 weeks): Basic recruit training conducted at the JIBC, with heavy emphasis on police skills, legal studies, and physical fitness.

Block 2 (18-22 weeks): Recruits are placed with the APD during field training. You'll work under the guidance of a field trainer, who will ensure you receive broad exposure to general police work.

Block 3 (9 weeks): Advanced recruit training conducted at the JIBC. Knowledge gained during blocks 1 and 2 is built upon to allow you to work independently once the program is complete.

Probationary Review Period: Once you have graduated from the JIBC Police Academy, you'll return to the APD to perform general patrol duties with minimal supervision. Following successful completion of 12 to 18 months in the probationary review period, your supervisor will submit an evaluation report recommending certification.

Professional Development

Your time spent in the Police Academy as a recruit will prepare you for your time as a patrol officer, but there are many opportunities throughout your career to develop your skills as an officer, through both courses at the JIBC and through the APD's own in-house courses and training.

For more information or inquiries regarding police constable recruit training, please see the Justice Institute of British Columbia website.