Community Policing

The purpose of the Abbotsford Police Department's Crime Prevention Section is to reduce crime and increase public safety. This is achieved by developing strong community relations, educating the public regarding crime trends, and through the distribution of effective community-based prevention programs.


  • Establish and administer effective community-based crime prevention programs.
  • Develop ongoing relationships with community and key partner agencies.
  • Deliver targeted crime prevention education.
  • Support AbbyPD and community events.
  • Conduct home/business security assessments.
  • Maintain and coordinate the AbbyPD Reserve Officer program.
  • Manage AbbyPD Community Policing volunteers


Block Watch

Volunteers will assist with office duties, phone calls and from time to time assisting with presentations.  We ask for a commitment of 10 hours/month. The hours are flexible, however office hours must be done between 9:00 am to 5:00 pm daily.

Business Watch

Volunteers will assist with database management, presentations, literature distribution, updates to participants by phone and email and other related duties. The hours are flexible. Volunteers are expected to volunteer 10 hours/month.

Citizens Patrol

Volunteers are extra eyes and ears in the community patrolling residential and commercial properties reporting suspicious circumstances to Police HQ. Volunteers also participate in Lock Out Auto Crime audits and other related duties. Volunteers are expected to participate a minimum of 10 hours/month.


Crime Free Multi Housing

Volunteers with this program assist with data base maintenance, file maintenance, newsletter development and other office type duties to assist the Program Coordinator. Volunteers are expected to volunteer 10 hours a month -- ideally consistent days each week.

CPO Front Desk

This is a front line position with our office as a volunteer greets the public in person or by phone and assists them with the information they are seeking. These positions are Monday-Friday between the hours of 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Property Security Assessments

Volunteers with this program are trained to conduct CPTED inspections—advising on crime prevention methods to prevent being a victim of crime. Volunteers will physically inspect a property and write a written assessment with recommendations to improve one’s property.  Volunteers must have flexibility to accommodate appointments. Volunteers are expected to volunteer an average of 10 hours/month.

Road Safety Team

Volunteers with this program monitor and record the speed of traffic in a designated area. They may also participate in traffic projects with the Police Department. Hours for this program are flexible, however they are scheduled.

Special Events

Volunteers will attend Community Events and assist at the booth with games, handing out materials and supplying Crime Prevention Materials. Volunteers must be flexible with their time.