Recovered Property

The Abbotsford Police Department wants to get stolen property back to its rightful owner!

On this page, Abbotsford Police Department will be posting a description and/or photos of recovered stolen property.

Citizens who are able to identify posted property as their own are asked to fill out the recovered property form. 

Please provide serial numbers or other identifying features as well include the Police file number associated to your items.

Citizens are encouraged to keep records and photos of their property, including serial numbers or other identifying marks.  Having this information will assist in returning property to you in the event it is lost or stolen.  We suggest marking property with a name and phone number, or driver’s licence number, so police know who to contact.

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File # 19-38119 Near Sumas Way on 2019-09-03 Black Armada Scooter It is hard to pin point any hold back information on this one.. The scooter has a unique double headlight feature as well as numerous extension cords and a bike lock in the storage compartment under the seat. The scooter is also missing it’s pedals but is hard to determine if that could have been altered after the theft. A serial number was also located LJ7WT02E9G1809629 #abbypd #recoveredpropertyabbotsford
File #19-37524 Early morning August 30th, 2019 in the Blatchford Way/WA Fraser Middle School area There may be very disappointed musician waking up this morning (or perhaps a very excited parent of an aspiring musician doing a happy dance right now!) #abbypd #recoveredpropertyabbotsford
Raylight scooter, yellow in colour, was located in Ennsbrook Park in the 30900 block of Southern Drive on August 8. It has an identifiable rear wheel, unique valve cap on one of the tiers, and unique markings within the odometer display case. GO # 19-33961 #abbypd #recoveredpropertyabbotsford
RBK women’s road bike light blue in colour. There are two identifiable features that the owner should know about. One is a unique seat and the other is an accessory that was affixed to the frame. The bicycle was found abandoned in the 32500 block of Peardonville Road on August 11. GO # 19-34407 #abbypd #recoveredpropertyabbotsford
File #19-35180 The KONA bicycle, green in colour, was located abandoned at South Fraser Way and Peardonville on August 15. It has unique pedals and label on the frame that should be identifiable by the owner. GO # 19-35180 #abbypd #recoveredpropertyabbotsford