The Abbotsford Police Department’s PATHWAYS program implements evidence-informed strategies to offer services to youth and young adults identified as being at-risk for gang-participation or other criminal activities.

PATHWAYS has a balanced three-pronged approach (Community Engagement, Prevention, and Intervention) that aims to create a long-term, integrated response — rather than a “single solution” — approach.

PATHWAYS provides intervention opportunities to prevent youth and young adults from becoming entrenched in the gang lifestyle. The intent is to divert these individuals away from the criminal lifestyle by providing services that address the underlying causes of the risk factors.

Police officers and the civilian Gang Prevention Coordinator work together to provide a multitude of approaches to tackle the foundational issues that lead to gang participation by youth.

The Abbotsford Police Department’s Gang Crime Unit (GCU) utilizes a multi-faceted approach that deals with gang suppression efforts that target active criminals.  GCU is comprised of one Sergeant and five police officers.  GCU is dedicated to gathering intelligence and conducting uniformed enforcement with the goal of reducing the impact of gangs in our city.

The combination of PATHWAYS and GCU initiatives have advanced the Abbotsford Police Department toward its mission of making Abbotsford the safest city in British Columbia.
We believe our holistic gang strategy has made a difference in our community. The statistics demonstrate that our efforts are making an impact. That said, we recognize our work is far from over. In fact, in many ways we have only taken the first few steps forward in a challenge that requires constant, concerted, and continued attention.

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