Salaries and Benefits

The Abbotsford Police Department offers an innovative compensation and benefits package that reflects the department's progressive nature. In keeping with the APD’s strategic plan and our commitment to our members, the APD has identified member wellness as a priority and has developed programs to promote physical and mental well being among its officers. We are committed to providing a healthy, supportive work environment for all our members.

Among the benefits we offer our members:

  • Medical and dental benefits
  • Paid training
  • Educational reimbursement fund
  • Scholarship fund
  • Membership in the BC Municipal Pension Plan
  • Leading-edge equipment
  • Uniform and plainclothes dry cleaning
  • Departmental health and wellness programs
  • Outdoors club
  • In-service training opportunities
  • State-of-the-art, on-site fitness facilities


Class Salary
Fifth Class Constable Annual $79,292
(Attained upon date of hire) Hourly $38.12
Fourth Class Constable Annual $91,490
(Attained upon graduation from the Police Academy) Hourly $43.99
Third Class Constable Annual $97,590
(Attained after one year) Hourly $46.92
Second Class Constable Annual $109,788
(Attained after two years) Hourly $52.78
First Class Constable Annual $121,987
(Attained after three years) Hourly $58.65

In addition to their regular salary, officers have the opportunity to earn overtime, depending on the APD's needs and the time of year.


Benefit Type Effective Dates
Medical First of month following date of hire.
Extended First of month following date of hire.
Dental First of month following date of hire.
Psychological First of month following date of hire.
Life Insurance First of month following three months.
A, D & D First of month following three months.
LTD First of month following three months.
Pension Contributions commence immediately upon hire.


If you're interested in a rewarding career with a forward-thinking police department, visit our Applicant Requirements page to be sure you are the right fit for the APD and that you are ready to begin the application process.