services provided


Emotional Support

  • Provide a listening ear and opportunities for the victim to vent
  • Validate feelings
  • Provide information on common reactions and their normalcy in response to a traumatic event
  • Assist in assembling a support network
  • Reassure the victim that they are not alone
  • Provide ongoing support as required by the individual

Information and Preparation

  • On common reactions an individual may experience as a result of crime or trauma and suggestions on how to care for the physical and emotional health of one's self and family in coping with the impact
  • File updates including charges, bail conditions, court updates, etc
  • Police information on common police procedures and practices
  • Court information to aid in understanding of the criminal justice system, and their role within the system
  • Court orientation to prepare the victim/witness for court attendance by either arranging a tour of the court facility or showing a video on being a witness
  • Legal information on matters regarding restraining orders, civil court orders
  • Post sentencing Information on parole hearings and how to apply for Victim Notification services
  • Brochures on a variety of subject matters in relation to crime or trauma

Assistance with Completion of Forms

Crime Victim Assistance Program (CVAP) is a financial benefits program to assist victims, immediate family members, and witnesses who have been physically or psychologically injured as a result of a serious crime.

A Victim Impact Statement (VIS) is a written description of how a crime has affected the individual. Information in a Victim Impact Statement is valuable to Crown counsel and to the Judge as it assists them in fully understanding how the crime affects the individual.


Your experience may leave you with feelings of anger, loss, grief or depression. If you require more specialized assistance, Victim Services can assist by referring you to the available, appropriate agencies. This may include referrals to the following:

  • Counselling agencies
  • Legal services
  • Drug and alcohol treatment programs

Court Services

You may be required to testify if your situation proceeds to court. Victim Services can address your concerns by:

  • Providing you with information on the court process
  • Explaining your role and rights as a witness
  • Providing court orientation and accompaniment to court
  • Explaining the corrections process
  • Crisis response / attendance on scene

Crisis Response / Attendance on Scene

to assist victims and witnesses, at the request of Police, who have been traumatized as a result of:

  • Sudden death or suicide
  • Murder or attempted murder
  • Sexual assault
  • Spousal assault or child abuse
  • Robbery
  • Break and enter
  • Threatening or harassment
  • Kidnapping or abduction
  • Motor vehicle accident