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Administrative Fees

Assistance To Shelter Act

Amber Alert

Business Expenses

Cash Funds

Commendations and Awards

Communicable Disease

Computer System Usage

Conflict of Interest

Departmental Vehicles

Donations, Sponsorship and Fundraising

Emergency Vehicle Operation

Employee Health and Wellness

Employee Identification 

Fitness for Duty

Immediate Rapid Deployment

Interagency Cooperation


Liquor – Special Event Permits

Major Case Management

Media Relations

McNeil Disclosure

Missing Persons

Off-Duty Activities

Off-Duty Education

Overt Use of Social Media

Personal Appearance and Grooming

Photopack Lineup

Police Pursuit

Policy Procedures and Directives

PRIME Private and Invisible Files


Public Notifications

Public Trust Complaints, Ordered Investigations and Internal Discipline

Remote Work

Reserve Constable Program

Respectful Workplace

Restorative Justice Program

Sexual Assault Investigations

Special Events

Street Checks

Use of Electronic Devices While Driving

Use of Force

Use of Interpreters

Use of Police Databases

Victim Services

Violent Crime Linkage Analysis System

Vulnerable Communities