Contract Patrol Constable

What is a Contract Patrol Constable?

A Contract Patrol Constable is a recently retired police officer (within 18 months) of leaving their previous agency as a 1st Class Constable in good standing. They must also have a minimum of 15 years of policing experience.

If hired, they will enter a Temporary (Fixed Term) Contract as a Patrol Constable for two (2) years plus two (2) 1-year options. They will work in Patrol and will form part of the Patrol team, investigate, take files, and serve the community of Abbotsford. The Abbotsford Police endeavors to hire full-time temporary Contract Patrol Constables in the first instance. If applications for full-time positions are not met, consideration will be given to hire two Contract Patrol Constables to job share one full-time position on a patrol shift.

Contract Officers are expected to maintain their training and skills and therefore training must be followed as outlined in the Collective Agreement.

Contract Patrol Constables will not be eligible to apply for promotion or specialty positions or secondments

Selection Process

-Submission Resume + Cover Letter to: [email protected]
-Full hard copy of Application and Integrity & Lifestyle Questionnaire
-Suitability Meeting
-Check of References
-Medical Exam

*other assessment tools as required

If you are looking for further information or wish to speak to the Recruiting Constable, please email: [email protected]