AbbyPD is committed to ensuring that reports of missing persons are addressed in a timely and sensitive manner.  If you believe someone is missing, please report it to the police.  Your inquiry will be taken seriously, and the investigation will start without delay.

To report a missing person:
If you feel the missing person is not in imminent danger, call the AbbyPD non-emergency number at (604) 859-5225 and advise the call taker you wish to make a missing persons report.

If you feel the missing person is vulnerable or in imminent danger (e.g. the missing person is elderly, a child, a person requiring timely medical treatment, someone at risk of physical harm or living a lifestyle which puts them at greater risk), call 9-1-1.

There is no waiting period required before making a missing persons report, and the person making the report does not have to be a family member.  You will be provided with a police file number which may be referenced when making inquiries about the investigation.

Information that may be requested when reporting:
To assist the police in conducting the investigation, you will be asked for information about the missing person.  Information that may be requested includes: a physical description of the missing person (hair colour, height, weight, gender, ethnicity, tattoos and scars, clothing worn at last sighting), a description of the vehicle they may be driving, where and when they were last seen, where they usually reside, work and/or spend time, and the names of family, friends or other connections who may be able to provide further information.  You may be asked to provide a photograph or personal item belonging to the missing person.

Missing Person Liaison

You will be provided the name of a Liaison Officer (police officer) who will provide you with updates, and will be your contact during the investigation. You are asked to advise the police as soon as possible if the missing person contacts you or returns home, or you obtain new information that could assist the investigation.  If the Liaison Officer is not immediately available, and the information you wish to provide is of an urgent nature (you believe needs to be acted up on immediately), call 9-1-1 and your call will be addressed by an on-duty police officer.

Support Services and Resources

AbbyPD Victim Services is available to assist those affected by crime or trauma, including those who have reported a missing person, or are otherwise involved with a missing persons investigation.  Victim Services provides emotional support, information about the missing persons investigative process, and referrals to counselling and other services.  Read more about Abbypd Victim Services here, or contact them directly at (604) 864-4757 or [email protected]

Additional information regarding missing persons may be obtained from:
 • Canada's Missing
 • missingkids.ca
 • VictimLinkBC
 • Native Women's Association of Canada Community Resource Guide
 • Fraser Valley Aboriginal Children and Family Services Society
 • Policing and Security Branch