Moustaches & beards are all the rage at AbbyPD this Movember!

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Official News Release

Abbotsford residents who happen upon AbbyPD officers this month might notice a significant increase in the amount of facial hair! And it’s not just the officers - you may also see some large mustaches on Abbotsford Police Patrol cars!

This is the Abbotsford Police Department's first year formally participating in a fundraiser supporting the Movember Foundation and Prostate Cancer Foundation.  The goal is to raise awareness for men's health issues including prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention.

Many AbbyPD officers take a break from the razor during “Movember”, growing facial hair to raise donations for men's health. "It's a terrific way to raise awareness of an ugly disease that knows no boundaries. Like many other agencies, we have had to watch far too many of our colleagues and those we love battle cancer.  We want to remind them that we are standing with them in this battle.  The Movember campaign allows us to lighten things up for those dealing with health challenges," said AbbyPD's Sgt. Jason Scott, who, along with other officers, will be looking a little hairier this November. "I know my mustache won’t be pretty, and I know a lot of my co-workers won't be either, but it’s a chance to have some fun and raise some money for the Foundation. So, look for the big mustaches on our AbbyPD police cars, stop and take a picture with them and post them to your social media!" 

"The main reason I participate is to show those affected, by not only prostate cancer but any cancer, that they are not alone in their fight," said Sgt. Scott. "These mustaches on the police cars should turn some heads!"

Women can participate too! For a $20 donation, the officer will receive a blue mustache pin that they can wear during the month.

Deputy Chief Brett Crosby-Jones adds "I think it's a good morale builder. It brings everyone together to focus on an important topic for men – cancer awareness".

For more information or to donate, visit Smaller versions of the AbbyPD Police Car mustaches can be picked up at the AbbyPD HQ Service Counter by donation, while supplies last.

Sgt Judy Bird
Abbotsford Police Media Relief Relations Officer
[email protected]