Electronic Ticketing comes to the AbbyPD

September 19, 2019
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Electronic Ticketing comes to the AbbyPD

This week, the Abbotsford Police Department’s Traffic Enforcement Unit will be using new technology to issue violation tickets.  

Over time, new “e-ticketing” technology (part of provincial road safety initiatives) will be implemented by all municipal and RCMP detachments in BC.  

With the swipe of a driver’s license, the e-ticketing system will automatically populate the ticket with the driver’s license information. The ticket will be printed from the police vehicle, and the information will be uploaded directly to ICBC.  This will significantly speed up the violation ticket process, saving time for both drivers and police officers.

Sergeant Desi Sansalone of the AbbyPD Traffic Enforcement Unit notes “E-ticketing technology will allow our officers to process violators more efficiently and with greater accuracy.  Less administrative time and fewer procedural errors means more time available for enforcement – and more time dedicated to achieving our road safety goals.”

Driving violations and related penalties haven’t changed with e-ticketing – the fines are same, regardless of whether the driver is issued an electronic or physical ticket.

Have questions about e-ticketing, motor vehicle regulations or road safety?  Please email the Abbotsford Police Department Traffic Enforcement Unit directly at [email protected]