AbbyPD officers added to the 2020 Alexa’s Team

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Official News Release

Alexa’s Team recognizes the work of British Columbia police officers who take impaired drivers off the streets.

Alexa’s Team was created in 2009 by the Middelaer family, in partnership with the BC Road Safety Foundation and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia. Alexa’s Team is named for Alexa Middelaer, who was just four years old when she was killed by an impaired driver in 2008.

Police officers who have completed a minimum of 12 alcohol and/or drug impaired driving investigations in a single year are added to the team.  “All-Star” status is achieved with a minimum of 25 impaired investigations. 

To be recognized for Alexa’s Team, investigations must result in criminal charges and/or a 90-day driving prohibition.  In addition to these qualifying impaired investigations, team members also issue many 24-hr, 3-day and 7-day driving prohibitions.

Today, the following seven Abbotsford police officers are being added to the 2020 Alexa Team:

  • Cst Kim Jones(All-Star Alex Team Member)
  • Cst Ryan Clary
  • Cst Jenni Richter
  • Cst Sunny Gill
  • Cst Leisa Shea
  • Cst Pete Quaglia
  • Cst Paul Walker
  • Cst Phil Sawatsky

Alexa’s Team has grown from 20 officers in 2009 to almost 3,000 new and returning officers across BC this year.

Deputy Chief Constable Brett Crosby-Jones states, “Improving road safety has always been a top goal of the Abbotsford Police Department. Unfortunately, as we all know, impaired driving can have fatal and life changing consequences. I am very proud of the combined efforts of these AbbyPD Alexa Team award recipients who, in 2020, removed 246 impaired drivers from Abbotsford roads. With each stop our community became that much safer for all of us.”

THANK YOU to all our officers and Alexa’s Team members across BC.  We appreciate your commitment to keeping our communities safe and preventing serious injuries and fatalities by removing impaired drivers from our streets.

Sgt Judy Bird
Relief Media Relations Officer
[email protected]