A Message from Chief Serr - AbbyPD enforcing COVID-19 orders

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As the Province of BC continues to see the number of Covid cases rising in our communities, Public Health Orders have been put in place to keep us all healthy and safe.  I know these times are not easy, and we all miss connecting with our family, friends, neighbours, our faith community and enjoying our activities.  It is not forever, but we all need to do our part. 

A year ago, we never thought our police officers would be enforcing Public Health Orders. Our officers are part of the community and our priority in response to Covid has been education and cooperation.  However, as the second wave of Covid impacted us all, and Public Health Orders have become more restrictive, the enforcement falls to the police to ensure compliance.  I am incredibly proud of everyone at AbbyPD; they assess each Covid call and determine the best approach to take. 

I wish there was another way to enforce Public Health Orders that did not involve the police, but at this point we are it.  I know over the past few days some have been upset by the police response to Covid complaints.  This is not always easy and at times our AbbyPD officers are met with frustration, but they are always coming from a place of keeping you all safe.  They do not want to go to your place of worship and ask you to follow the health orders or attend to your home where families or neighbourhood children are gathering. 

I am asking that you please follow the Public Health Orders.  Our frontline police officers, like those in the frontlines of healthcare, are being overexposed to the virus and they and their families are being put in danger.  You may not fully agree with the orders but each time you step outside of what is allowed you not only put yourself at risk, but the health of those that are out there everyday trying to keep our community safe. 

The Abbotsford Police Department is proud of the strong relationship that we have with our community and we know there is “Strength in Community.”  So please work with us to keep everyone in Abbotsford safe.

With Respect,
Chief Serr

Public Health Order information

Please visit https://bit.ly/36Sx32B for up-to-date information on current Public Health Orders and fines.  

Who to contact

To report concerns around PHO order violations from event organizers, venues or individuals, contact the City of Abbotsford bylaw office online at https://www.abbotsford.ca/city_hall/bylaws/bylaw_service_request.htm or call 604-864-5512.

Local bylaw officers can help follow up on concerns, and engage police departments and WorkSafeBC as necessary.

If you are unable to reach a local bylaw office, contact the AbbyPD non-emergency line via text report 222973 or call 604-859-5225.

Cst Jody Thomas
Abbotsford Police Media Relations Officer
[email protected]