How Do I?

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of First Aid/CPR do I need?

Any basic/standard first aid course (with CPR) through a certified organization such as the Red Cross or St. John's will do.  The CPR certification should include infants.

How do I prepare for the examinations?

Please review the Abbotsford Police Recruit Exam sample questions.

What happens if I fail the tests?

Requests to rewrite the exams will be considered on an individual basis, upon the written request of the applicant.

I wrote Intake Exams with another police department.  Are the marks transferable?

Some departments use a similar exam, while others use completely different exams.  The only exams that would qualify for transferability would be from agencies that used the same style of exam. Tests written outside of one year will not be transferable.

I completed the POPAT with another police department. Is my score transferable?

Not necessarily. Again, we will examine this on a case by case basis. Factors that influence our decision are: Your score and length of time since the test was administered.

I completed the Assessment Center with another police department. Is my score transferable?


I had an eye exam completed for another police department. Can I use the same form/results?

Yes. The only requirement is that completion of the eye examination be within the last six months.

I have a criminal record.  Does this automatically preclude me from applying?

Yes. You cannot have a criminal conviction for which a pardon has not been granted.

I have used illegal drugs in the past.  Does this preclude me from applying?

Not necessarily.  Again, we will examine this on a case-by-case basis.  Factors that influence our decision are: the type of drugs used; the amount/frequency of use; and how recently the drugs were used.

Is the tuition fee to attend the JIBC tax deductible?

Yes. The JIBC is an accredited post secondary institution.

When do I have to pay the JIBC tuition fee?

Fees are due on the first day of training at the JIBC Police Academy.  You can pay by cheque made out to the Justice Institute of BC, or by credit card.

Can I get a loan for the JIBC tuition?

Yes.  The Abbotsford Police Department has made arrangements with local lenders; the tuition fee can be paid out over a maximum of four years (no penalty if paid earlier) at a competitve interest rate.  Payments can be deducted off your paycheque for convenience and paid to the institution directly.

After I'm hired, when do I start getting paid?

You start getting paid on the day you begin your pre-JIBC orientation week, approximately one week prior to being sworn in.

Do I get paid while in training?

Yes. You are paid at the rate of a recruit constable (see the Salaries and Benefits page).

Are there any costs associated with the application process?

No. The Abbotsford Police Department does not require applicants to pay for any part of the application process.

I currently contribute to a pension plan.  Is my pension transferable?

If your current pension plan is transferable, you start making contributions immediately. If your pension plan is not transferable, or you have not previously been contributing to a pension plan, then you must wait a period of six months before starting contributions.

Do I start making contributions to my pension plan immediately?