Questions on an Existing Report

If you have already submitted a report through the Abbotsford Police Department website and wish to contact us, please do not re-submit but use read the Online Crime Reporting Frequently Asked Questions.

To File a New Online Report, or to Add a New Supplement to an Existing Report

Thank you for taking the time to report your incident. The report that you are submitting will be recorded in our Police Records System once it is approved. This will generate a file number. The file number can be used for your ICBC claim or insurance purposes. The incident you have reported will not be investigated; however, it will be maintained as a record of a crime reported to have been committed in Abbotsford and will be available to our investigators if additional information arises.

Your report should be processed by the end of the next business day, however, based on varied volumes it may be within one to three days.