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Salaries and Benefits

As an experienced police officer, your salary and benefits will commensurate with your experience. In other words, your prior years of service count as time served with the Abbotsford Police Department when calculating your base salary and annual leave entitlements.


  1. Be currently employed as a police officer, or be previously employed as a police officer within the past three years.
  2. Have an exemplary service record with your current/past police agency.


Login to our online application process and submit a detailed resume and cover letter for the position of Experienced Police Officer to the Recruiting Section.

Should you be successful in the initial stages of our process, you will be requested to obtain your last three performance appraisals (note: if doing so will compromise your current position, this can be left until later in the process). Our Recruiting Section will keep your inquiry and/or application in confidence and will not contact your current employer without your knowledge.

All "experienced police officer" applications from within the Province of British Columbia will be subject to the following process:

  1. Application Form and Integrity and Lifestyle Questionnaire
  2. Suitability Interview
  3. Management Interview
  4. Psychological Testing
  5. Background Investigation
  6. Polygraph Test
  7. Medical Examination

All "experienced police officer" applications from within Canada but outside of the Province of British Columbia will be subject to the same process listed above, with the following addition:

As a serving police officer from outside of BC, but within Canada, you will be required to successfully complete the POPAT and to write an exam that will exempt you from basic recruit training. After successful completion of the selection process, you will be sent a study package; once you feel ready to write the exam, you will be required to attend the Justice Institute of BC to complete it. This requirement is consistent among all municipal police departments in BC and is a requirement of the Police Act. Once the exam is successfully completed, application is made to the Solicitor General of BC to exempt you from the Basic Recruit Training Program.

The Recruiting Section will make every attempt to minimize the amount of travel necessary to complete the application process. Several steps can often be completed in one trip (if you are applying from outside the Lower Mainland area). In most cases, you should expect to make at least three trips to Abbotsford from the beginning of the process to the end.

Again, we will keep your application in confidence until such time as it is necessary to contact your current employer, and will not do so without your knowledge.

Applications from Experienced Police Officers Outside of Canada

The Abbotsford Police Department does accept applications from serving police officers outside of Canada. However, before accepting your application, you must have acquired Permanent Resident status with Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You can initiate the immigration process by visiting the nearest Canadian Embassy or Consulate; be sure to review their "Pre-Application Checklist" prior to initiating an Immigration Application. Detailed information regarding immigrating to Canada can be found on CIC's website. Note: The current waiting time for Permanent Residency status varies from country to country. Currently the process is taking three years if you are in the UK.

Experienced police officers who are selected for employment are required to attend basic recruit training at the Justice Institute of BC in New Westminster (located between Abbotsford and Vancouver). After Blocks I and II of recruit training, an assessment will be made on an individual basis as to whether it is necessary and/or valuable to complete Block III of recruit training. If exempted from Block III, you would commence Block IV (probationary period) immediately following Block II. Please refer to the "Recruit Training" portion of this website for more information. Applicants from outside Canada must also understand that, by law, priority for employment is given to Canadian citizens.


  1. Have completed a minimum of four years of police service.
  2. Have an exemplary service record.
  3. Have excellent English language skills.
  4. Be willing to make approximately three trips to Abbotsford during the selection process (at the applicant's expense).
  5. Must have obtained Permanent Resident Status with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


  1. Login to our online application process and submit a detailed resume and cover letter for the position of Experienced Police Officer to the Recruiting Section. Your cover letter should include your reasons for wanting to immigrate here, your current authority to work here, your status in the immigration process, and your reasons for applying to the Abbotsford Police Department. Your resume should include an addendum with your performance appraisals for the past four years as well as any and all evaluation reports from your basic police recruit training.
  2. Complete the Online Application Process for the position of Experienced Police Constable.
  3. If you meet our requirements and are recommended to enter the selection process, you must understand that each stage of the selection process must be successfully completed.
  4. Once the selection process is completed, the Abbotsford Police Department will determine the applicant's overall competitiveness and suitability for employment.
  5. Please refer to the "Apply Online" and the "Selection Process" links to learn more about the intake process. Experienced police officer applicants from outside of Canada will be required to successfully complete each stage of this process.

Because the length of time it takes for Citizenship and Immigration Canada to process applications, you must have Permanent Resident Status prior to submitting your application. Applications will not be considered without PR status in place. Successful applicants are required to become Canadian citizens and your continued employment is contingent on successfully becoming a Canadian citizen. You are eligible to apply for citizenship after being in Canada for three years.