How Do I?

Career Diversity

Most people have a perception of a police officer as someone in uniform simply driving through the streets in a police car.

In reality, the career of a police officer is far more diverse, challenging, complex, and exciting.

Once they have completed their recruit training, all new Abbotsford police officers start their career in the Patrol section.  There, they learn to deal with the many issues associated with crime prevention, detection and the consequences.   Once a solid foundation in policing has been reached, Abbotsford police officers have the opportunity to move into a number of specialty sections.  Postings to these sections, which are earned through competitions, run from 2-5 years in duration.  These sections allow members to specialize in certain areas of policing, including:

  • Major Crime Unit
  • Gang Suppression Unit
  • Community Policing
  • Traffic Enforcement Unit
  • Firearms
  • Forensic Identification Unit
  • Drug Enforcement Unit
  • Bike Squad
  • Recruiting Section
  • Professional Standards
  • Crime Reduction Unit
  • Intelligence Unit
  • Youth Squad
  • Training Section
  • Emergency Response Team

In addition, APD is involved in a number of integrated units with other police agencies.  APD members can be seconded to these units for a defined period.  These units include:

  • FVIRSU - Fraser Valley Integrated Road safety Unit
  • IGTF - Integrated Gang Task Force
  • IBET - Integrated Border Enforcement Team
  • IMPACT - Integrated Municipal Provincial Auto Crime Team
  • CFSEU - Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit
  • IHIT - Integrated Homicide Investigation Team
  • FVIDS - Fraser Valley Integrated Dog Section

With time and experience, members can even consider returning to a teaching role in the Police Academy at the Justice Institute of BC, assisting with the training of recruits and/or teaching in advanced programs.

Policing is a multi-faceted career that offers numerous areas for professional development. Each year, an officer discusses career options with their supervisor, and a career path is determined. This path could lead to any of the sections listed above, and the path may change over the years, as experience increases and opportunities change.

The Abbotsford Police Department offers diverse career opportunities for all who take on the challenge!