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In 2010 Chief Bob Rich authored a letter to all Abbotsford graduates congratulating them on their achievement. The Abbotsford Police Department also produced a one minute graduation video message from Chief Rich that could be played during convocation or other graduation events. In that message, Chief Rich used crossroads as a metaphor to making choices in one’s life.

In 2011 Chief Rich again authored a congratulatory letter and another graduation video message was provided to the schools. In this message Chief Rich used driving a car as a metaphor to taking control of one’s life through the choice’s they make.

In 2012 Chief Rich's message continued, this time using a pilot in charge of an aircraft as the metaphor in weathering the turbulence one may experience in their life and how graduates can soar to great heights by maintaining a positive attitude.

In 2014 Chief Rich’s message uses the analogy of life being an adventure. We can either sit idle and watch life go by, or we can work hard, make good choices and reach our full potential. "This is your life, your adventure,” said Chief Rich. “Make it something special."

This year’s video message offers a funny and “impactful” message about life taking place on the field and not in the bleachers. “Life is worth it. You’ve done something amazing today, you’ve graduated.  Now go forward with your life and make it something amazing.  Carpe Diem – seize the day. Congratulations!” says Chief Bob Rich.

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