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Operation Reclamation

reclamation (n) - rescuing from error and returning to a rightful course.

Extreme Makeover: "Gangsta Wrap"

The wording, "This Vehicle Was Seized From a Drug Trafficker," written on both sides and the rear of the vehicle, delivers the message that proceeds and instruments of unlawful activity are subject to forfeiture. Civil forfeiture proceedings are separate from criminal law and do not rely on a finding of guilt, nor is the evidentiary standard as stringent as "beyond a reasonable doubt."

Instead, the evidentiary standard is a balance of probabilities.

This particular vehicle was forfeited under BC's Civil Forfeiture Act and the Province of British Columbia is allowing APD to use this vehicle for the purpose of supporting APD's crime remediation and awareness programs in the community, especially those targeting youth.

The H2 used for "Operation Reclamation" was seized from an individual involved in drug trafficking and firearms possession.


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