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Chief Constable Bob RichPolicing has gone through some major changes in the last 15 years. We used to say that crime rates were set by social demographics and there was little a police department could do to actually make a difference. It was believed that things like employment rates, education levels or drug and alcohol abuse determined how safe a community would be. Although these issues can create significant challenges, it is our job to overcome them to make a community safe. As one police leader pointed out, a crime is not caused by social dysfunction; it is caused by a person, and he or she can be stopped. The APD is responsible for making Abbotsford safe. Each year we look at what needs to be fixed to make the community better. We then set measurable goals to deal with each issue. All of our staff are encouraged to try new ideas and strategies to meet those goals.

We do know that to be successful we need to work in partnership with the community. To do that, we have to maintain your trust in us. Sadly, in the last few years, both fairly and unfairly, policing has taken some hard hits in maintaining the public’s trust in this Province. This is a high risk business and there are going to be days when things go wrong. The members of the APD are committed to keeping people safe, but when things do go wrong we will ensure that we are open and accountable for what took place. Our goal is to maintain your trust. We know we need your support to succeed. We have made some progress in the last few years to make Abbotsford safer. We call that a good start! We have more to do.

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Bob Rich

Bob Rich
Chief Constable

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