How Do I?


Contact us at with any information you may have to fight gang violence.

With tremendous community support, the Abbotsford Police Department has created a comprehensive anti-gang strategy that emphasizes both prevention and enforcement.

The Abbotsford Police Department utilizes a multi-faceted approach that deals with gang enforcement as well as community involvement and youth intervention to not only target active criminals, but encourage and promote awareness and gang involvement prevention.

The Abbotsford Police Gang Unit is dedicated to enforcement, intelligence and community and youth programs dedicated to reducing the impact of gangs in our city.

The combination of effective enforcement with unparalleled anti-gang messaging and prevention programs has advanced the Abbotsford Police Department toward its mission of making Abbotsford the safest city in British Columbia.

We believe our comprehensive gang suppression strategy has made a difference in our community. The statistics demonstrate that our efforts are making an impact. That said, we recognize our work is far from over. In fact, in many ways we have only taken the first few steps forward in a challenge that requires constant, concerted and continued attention.


Report information regarding gang activity or associates to or call 604-859-5225.